Iowa College Foundation

Let's Keep Iowa Students In Iowa

ICF was fortunate to have The Bechtel Trusts and KENT Corporation as sponsors of this challenge program in 2014-15.

The Let's Keep Iowa Students in Iowa Challenge Program was started in 1989 to reflect the sponsors' deep commitment to private higher education and also for the future of Iowa. Each sponsor of the program has been extremely willing to invest in the future of the students of Iowa. A student who stays in Iowa after graduation to live and work is an investment that pays for itself many times over. Last year, 73 percent of the Iowa resident graduates remained in Iowa-this investment continues to pay great dividends for the state of Iowa.

Thanks to the generosity of businesses and individuals across Iowa, the Let's Keep Iowa Students in Iowa Challenge Program again met its goal. As a result, ICF awarded more than 100 Iowa Challenge Scholarships to Iowa students at its member colleges and universities. ICF wishes to congratulate these students.


All new, increased or reinstated gifts of $250 and above will be matched by the sponsors of the program. Thus, a new gift of $250 effectively becomes $500; or $1,000 becomes $2,000.

Once the challenge fund is fully matched, all dollars will be awarded to Iowa students attending ICF's member colleges. During the 26 years of the program's existence, more than $3.7 million has been awarded as Iowa Challenge Scholarships to approximately 3,900 students at our colleges and universities.

ICF offers its heartfelt thanks to the The Bechtel Trusts and KENT Corporation for making this program a reality.