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Why Hire Iowa's Independent College Graduates?

Liberal Arts Curriculum and Life Preparation
Iowa’s private liberal arts colleges equip their students not for a career, but for life.  Most jobs, as with most endeavors, require more knowledge than that of just one field. Students at Iowa’s liberal arts colleges generally do select a major; (there are over 150 unique majors at ICF schools) however, the widespread curriculum that is required helps them gain a broader understanding of how things are connected. The liberal arts method of learning provides a base of transferable skills and keys to survival and success in any field. Liberal arts institutions encourage students to integrate opinion and faith into their learning process and they challenge them to be independent thinkers and value based members of society. Private liberal arts schools instill a passion for learning – an important element in staying happy and successful throughout one’s life and in the course of any career. 

Relationship Training
Iowa’s private colleges offer a know-you-by-name environment. Students learn firsthand the importance of relationship building – a lesson that benefits their employer long after their college experience is past. With an average student-to-faculty ratio of 14:1, classes at Iowa’s private colleges meet around a table far more often than in an auditorium. Students are expected to be participants, not just observers.

Community Awareness
Iowa’s private colleges have special bonds with their greater communities. Students observe and participate in this unique connection through service projects, volunteer and networking opportunities, and work experiences. As a result, private college students are offered an understanding of the critical links between philanthropy, community, commerce and education.

Leadership Experience
Iowa’s private colleges encourage participation and make opportunities for engagement in campus and community activities abundant. Campus involvement, and the leadership experiences therein, helps develop individuals that can take responsibility and lead throughout their lives in both their workplace and the communities in which they choose to live. At Iowa’s independent colleges and universities, a larger percentage of the student body participate in clubs and activities even though the options are fewer than at state schools.
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