Iowa College Foundation

Message From the President

You'll notice that the theme of our annual report this year makes a connection between the Iowa College Foundation and the power of heart. Without the motivation and actions that come directly from the hearts of many, ICF would not exist, at least not in the vibrant manner that it does. Just as the body's heart is the central organ that maintains it, the emotional heart is the central element that sustains the health of ICF. As a result, we felt "The Power of Heart" was a fitting sentiment to weave through the information you'll find on these pages.

We could print our annual compilation of lists, facts and figures plainly and succinctly in black and white, and that would certainly suffice if all we wanted to communicate with this report were the facts. However, we include photos, thank you letters and information about ICF's 23 member schools, and even my commentary here, because we want to convey more than just the facts to those who receive our annual report.

First and foremost, we want ICF's donors to know that our thanks for their generosity is most sincere and given from deep in our hearts. Our annual Honor Roll allows us to recognize every gift made to ICF each fiscal year, but it only tells part of the story. Last year, we were able to exceed our annual campaign goal because of the many individuals and corporations that truly understand our mission. In my recent conversations with donors across the state, many shared with me that their businesses have encountered difficulties or had a lack-luster year, yet they continue to make a gift to benefit Iowa's students. I am reminded daily that the support from the Iowa College Foundation's donors is not just a check that is written; it is a heartfelt reaction to a need.

It is also important to us that we communicate to our Executive Committee, Board of Governors and Area Chairs that ICF's success and resilience is truly a direct result of their willingness to give of their time and expertise. We hope that as each of those individuals read this report and see all the opportunities that Iowa's private college students are able to experience, their hearts are fi lled with pride and a sense of accomplishment. Finally, we want to speak to our students, and to the member schools whose programs and efforts nurture and allow young people to follow their deepest heartfelt desires. The opportunities available to students from all backgrounds to be passionate, and to create the lives they want to live, are abundant throughout Iowa's private higher education options. Through this publication, we send our sincere thanks to the educators and administrators who ensure that quality private higher education thrives in Iowa, and we share our enthusiastic wishes for success to Iowa's students who are always at the heart of what we do.

At ICF we believe it is critical to Iowa's future to offer young people from all backgrounds and economic circumstances the option of a liberal arts education.

— Jack D. Jones