Iowa College Foundation

Message From the Chairman

Many of you have most likely looked at an historic piece of architecture somewhere in our great state or country and marveled at the amount of thought, planning, craftsmanship, engineering and patience that was required to create such a structure from a mere drawing on a piece of paper. Compounding the challenge from yesteryear were the less sophisticated tools and methods of the times – truly remarkable people from times past. Those involved in building believed it was important to construct something that would last. They believed in creating something that could withstand the test of time and they believed it was important to contribute to the future.

We can say the same thing about the founders of Iowa's private colleges. You will find the history of each of the Iowa College Foundation's member schools on pages 4-15. Twenty-one of those schools were founded in the mid-to-late 1800s, when Iowa was a fledgling state. Yet, the schools continued for decades to grow and become vibrant institutions, and they have succeeded, graduating thousands of students this past year. Twenty-two schools have religious roots, and many remain committed to integrating a faith-based perspective within their curriculums and culture. This history preserves a rare treasure — the opportunity for students to explore how faith, service, and compassion can intersect with business, science, politics, relationships, and the world in general.

With great admiration, we recognize and remember the pioneers of this state — those before us who built buildings, built farms, created communities, business and commerce, provided leadership, and those who founded our colleges and universities. I wonder if any realized the extent of their historical contributions and the significance of what they were building for future generations.

What will those future generations think as they look back on these times? Will they marvel at what we have done, what we have created and preserved on their behalf? Arguably, opportunities to make contributions to Iowa's future may not be as grand as in generations past, given the significant progress that has occurred. However, together we can certainly continue to make substantive impact. Much like our forefathers, it is now our turn to make contributions and choices that will shape what Iowa will become.

At the Iowa College Foundation, we believe it is critical that we invest in Iowa's human capital and make every effort possible to offer our best and brightest young people the resources they need to contribute and thrive here. We believe in the importance of providing Iowa's students with a choice of learning environments, not a "one-size-fits-all approach" to their education. Focusing on individual needs, offering a diverse range of study environments and methods, and allowing students to learn in a way that best suits their needs will prepare them to become some of Iowa's greatest assets in the future.

As always, we want to recognize the important work of ICF's member college presidents, development officers, and volunteers for their dedication to Iowa's students. Further, our work could not be accomplished without the support and guidance of the ICF Board of Governors and the ongoing commitment of the City and Area Chairs for their leadership and vision. Collectively, your belief in ICF sustains our efforts.

A special thanks to all of you for the faith you have placed in ICF and the gifts and support you have given the future of Iowa.